Traveling in Morocco

    If you’re getting ready for a vacation to the ancient kingdom of Morocco, there are several things you should know.

    Riad Yacout FezMorocco is the United States’ oldest ally. The current king of Morocco spent much of his youth in New York and New Jersey. There is much love and respect for the United States in Morocco.

    Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, a Muslim theocracy, and an African nation which seems to effortlessly integrate the ancient and the modern world. In the past 10 years, the government of Morocco has spent considerable resources upgrading the infrastructure and social programs to help its population rise from third world status.

    There’s a varied geography including thousands of miles of pristine beaches, imposing mountains, fertile valleys and of course – the Sahara Desert.

    Morocco is famous for many things – excellent cuisine, magnificent decor, sumptuous fabrics, gorgeous pottery and much more. There is a magnificent spa culture, and world class shopping in every major city.

    Whether your goal is relaxation, shopping, adventure, or a night in the desert under the stars, Marrakesh Voyage can help you design and experience the best that Morocco has to offer.

    We specialize in private, customized journeys, offering chauffeured guided tours. Let us help you design the perfect memorable journey of a lifetime!

    Marrakesh Voyage is a Morocco ground tour operator specialized in FIT and exotic escorted trips throughout the mystical Kingdom of Morocco, representing Guests and Tour Operators from all around the Globe. Our headquarters are in New York, and we have offices all over Morocco.
    We will help you design and customize the trip of a life time according to your interest, passions, and desire for you, your guests and for your company.

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