Tourism in Morocco

    There are so many amazing places to visit on this divine Earth. Whether you desire luxury or challenge, natural beauty or the greatest human achievements – there will forever be an endless list of places you might go.

    For those who desire to experience the ancient world…. to taste the tastes and smell the smells of a still-thriving ancient culture, then Morocco is for you. Most people immediately think of the Kingdom, the royalty, the Arab culture which is at the forefront of Morocco, however what is truly beautiful about this country is the Berber cultures.

    malika-teaBerbers have been in North Africa for 10,000 years, as evidenced by cave paintings in the High Atlas Mountains. There are several different tribes of Berbers, speaking different languages but practicing very similar traditions. They mostly live in the mountain ranges, cultivating organic orchards and gardens along the river valleys.

    A matriarchal culture, hospitality is the greatest gift of these humble people. If they are poor and have nothing, they will still share with you, if you happen to stop at their doorstep.

    Although they are not well-versed in the elements of Western Culture (which is perhaps a blessing rather than a curse) their homes are clean, their children are loved and everyone is well-cared for. It is a family-strong culture that values nature above all else. You will find extraordinary natural foods and medicines in this culture, from the highly prized Argan Oil to natural soaps, essential oils, salts and herbs. They live very closely to the land and in many cases continue to live in the same building as the cows and sheep that provide their sustenance.

    A walk through the mountains and river valleys of the Berbers is a trip back thousands of years to a natural existence. It’s cleansing, it’s inspiring, it’s invigorating. The Berbers help us to appreciate the conveniences of Western culture, while at the same time reminding us how else it is possible to thrive.

    Morocco Travel Agency offers a wide variety of customized, guided tours across the great Kingdom of Morocco, rich with World Heritage sites. Contact us with any questions, and to take advantage of our 30+ years of experience leading tours, events and family gatherings.

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