Morocco Tour Packages

We offer a wide range of Morocco Tour Packages
to suit every need and desire

Morocco custom travel

We offer Morocco vacation packages for the most discerning travelers. As your tour operator, we offer you the very best Morocco travel deal, making sure that you get the absolute best value from beginning to end.

Whether you desire to lounge by the pool or climb Africa’s second tallest peak, we will help you accomplish it all. Take a cooking class, a henna workshop, or ride a camel in the desert. Shop in the 1,000 year old souks in the Imperial cities. Golf on any of the extraordinary golf courses.

Our Morocco vacation packages include meals, transportation, museum fees and hotels. We accommodate all of our client’s wishes, from stopping for photos to roadside shopping to sampling local fare. If your goal is carpet shopping or seeking out rare art, we will plug it into the itinerary.

Whether you choose one of our prepared packages or design your own Morocco travel package, you will be treated to an extraordinary tour of a country that boasts a perfect blend of ancient and modern culture.

Enjoy a day meandering through the Berber villages nestled in the river valley and high plains of the High Atlas Mountains, or if you prefer, you could mountain bike. We also offer zipline, fishing, wind surfing, hot air balloon and much more. Make sure to let us know your preference when we first talk!

From the time we pick you up at the airport to the minute we drop you off – we are your family, and guide you safely and securely from one amazing place to the next. You can trust us to always make the most discerning choices for your health and safety.

Morocco is a gorgeous, exotic country full of little pockets of joy to discover, whether it’s the people, the food, the landscape, the architecture, the wine, the crafts, or the stunning hotels. Come join us on the adventure of a lifetime as you discover the land that Paul Bowles so eloquently described in his book, The Sheltering Sky.