Morocco Private Tours

Marrakesh Voyage specializes in private, chauffeured tours of the ancient Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco Tour Packages

Whether you are traveling solo or with a large group, we arrange the most comfortable transportation for your Moroccan journey. Our drivers are all excellent speakers of English, French and Arabic, and in some cases Spanish and German. They are highly educated about the history and culture of Morocco, in case you have any questions.

There are many exclusive resorts in Morocco where you can maintain absolute privacy and still enjoy the wondrous culture, food, design, and more. Discretion is a respected value in the Ancient Kingdom of Morocco.

We specialize in Morocco gay travel, helping our customers to navigate the cultural norms.

If you would like to arrange for any kind of private event, let us know. We can prepare anything, given enough time.

We offer side trips to the desert for an overnight, to the mystical port city of Essaouira, the medieval city of Fez which boasts the worlds largest car-less inner city and the world’s 2nd oldest university, to Rabat which is the capital of Morocco, Mekness which is one of the ancient Imperial Cities, and also to the High Atlas Mountains where the Berbers continue to live in the same way they did 1,000 years ago.

If you prefer a more adventurous vacation, as a Morocco custom travel company we offer zipline, mountain biking, all day hikes, climbing to the summit of Mount Toubkal (the 2nd highest peak in Africa), rafting, fishing, windsurfing, and so much more.

In the cities we have specialized guides who will weave you in and out of the alleyways and local customs so that you have the most excellent experience, and have the opportunity to purchase all the trinkets you desire.

Morocco is famous for its food, and we will work with you to design an experience where you have the widest selection possible. From the ubiquitous Mint Tea to the epicurian delights of Fez, to some of the grandest pastries in the world…. Morocco chefs are always pushing the limits to create extraordinarily grand and memorable food.

We are the most experienced company offering a variety of Morocco private travel choices.