The Joys of Traveling in Morocco

    We at Marrakesh Voyage have been operating private tours and events in the ancient Kingdom of Morocco for over 30 years.

    We are honored and proud to introduce people from around the world to this most beautiful country with it’s thousands of miles of coast along the Atlantic and Mediterranean, it’s peaks and valleys in the High Atlas Mountains, it’s golden Sahara Desert and it’s heritage of Imperial cities dating back over a thousand years.

    Morocco has become a prime tourist destination with a wide range of experiences. Whether you prefer an all-inclusive resort or a private guided tour, you get the best value for your money in this open-hearted, hospitable country.

    Morocco Tour PackagesFamed for its cuisine which blends French, Berber, Arab and even Asian, there is always something delicious to eat. We always recommend that our clients experience Morocco’s national dish… a traditional Tagine lunch on the road, a steaming hot dish of chicken or lamb stew sopped up with freshly made bread. And for the foodies who join us, we offer a wide range of cooking classes so you can learn how to cook many different Moroccan dishes.

    Essaouira is an excellent place to learn how to windsurf, and in Agadir you can learn how to surf on a surfboard. On your way, visit an Argan oil cooperative and pick up some of the prized oil that’s only found on the Atlantic coast of Morocco!

    With Marrakesh Voyage, we work with you to design your ideal private tour. Our respectful English-speaking guides will make sure you have a comfortable, enjoyable, memorable experience with plenty of tales to tell once you get back home!

    See our testimonials to learn why people choose Marrakesh Voyage for their private tours, corporate events, weddings and family reunions, and refer their friends to us as well!



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