Film Location Management

Morocco is a country of sun and light. Its privileged geographical position and its moderate climate make it beloved with Hollywood and independent film makers, who have been coming here for decades to create their works.

Marrakesh Voyage & Magic Pictures is legally authorized by the CCM (Morocco’s government office of cinematographic affairs) to assist foreign productions in Morocco.

We can provide it all, from securing equipment to extras to locations. We are led by film industry masters including Khalil Lougmani and Michael Cotton – whose work has satisfied Michael Jackson, the Beach Boys, Epcot Center, Walt Disney, Columbia Films, and other demanding clients. We are also affiliated with the American Chamber of Commerce and partnered with Magic Pictures, Morocco’s oldest executive agency.

Since motion pictures were first invented, many foreign film makers have been lured by the beauty and magic of the Moroccan landscape. As early as 1897, Louis Lumiere was filming here. Later, Orson Welles, whose Othello, shot in Morocco, was his only film to be awarded with a Palm d’Or at Cannes. Other famous filmmakers have shot masterpieces here, from Alfred Hitchcock (The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1955) and David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia, 1962) to Martin Scorsese (The Last Temptation of Christ, 1987).

The following titles are among the most important productions shot in Morocco:

«Othello» (USA, 1949) of Orson WELLES and Suzanne CLAUTIER,

«Sodome and Gomorrhe» (Italy, 1961) of Robert ALDRICH and Sergio LEONE with Stewart GRANGER and Rossana PODESTA,

«Lawrence of Arabia» (GB, 1969) of David LEAN with Peter O’TOOLE, Alec GUINNESS, Anthony QUINN and Omar SHARIF

«Patton» (USA, 1970) of Franklin SCHAFFNER with Georges SCOTT and Karl HADDEN,

«Jesus of Nazareth» (1977) of Franco ZEFFIRELLI,

«Casablanca, Casablanca» (Italie, 1984) of Francesco Nuti with Francesco Nuti and Guiliana DE SIO,

«Luna de Agosto» (Spain, 1985) of Juan MINON Echevaria,

«Jewel of the Nile» (USA, 1985) of Lewis TEAGUE with Kathleen TURNER and Michael DOUGLAS,

«Ishtar» (USA, 1985) of Elaine MAY with Isabelle ADJANI, Dustin HOFFMAN, Warren BEATTY and Charles GRODIN,

«The living daylights» (USA, 1986) of John GLENN with Timothy DALTON and Joe DON BAKER,

«The Last Temptation of Christ» (USA, 1987) of Martin SCORSESE, with Wilam DAFOE and Harvey KEITEL,

«A tea at the Sahara» (Italy, 1989) of Bernardo BERTOLUCCI with Debora WINGER and John MALKOVICH,

«Orchestra club Virginia» (Spain, 1991) of Manuel IBORRA,

«The sacred night» (Italy, 1992) of Nicolas KLOTZ, with Amina and Miguel BOSE,

Series about the Bible (Italy) :
– Abraham (1993) of Joseph SERGENT, with Barbara HARSLEY and Richard HARRIS,
– The creation (1994) of Peter HALL with Mathew MODINE, Lara FLYNN BOYLE and Irene PAPAS,
– Joseph (1994) of Roger YOUNG, with Ben KINGSLEY,
– Moses (1995) of Roger YOUNG, with Ben KINGSLEY and Sonia BRAGA,
– Samson and Dalila (1996) of Roger YOUNG with Elizabeth HURLEY and Eric THAL ,
– David (1996) of Robert MARCOVICH, with Nathaniel PARKER, Jonathan PRYCE and Gideon TURNER.

«Higlander III» (GB, 1994) of Ardy MORAHEN,

«Soleil» (France, 1996) of Roger HANIN, with Sofia LOREN and Philipe NOIRET,

«Kundun» (USA, 1996) of Martin SCORSESE,

«Insh’allah» (South Korea, 1996) of Lee SEUNQJAEP, with Le YOUGAIE and Chai MINSU,

«Legionary» (USA, 1997) of Sheldon Lettich, with Jean Claude Van Damme,

«The mumy » (USA, 1998) of Stephen Sommers,

«Rules of Engagement» (USA 1999) of William Friedkin.

Services Offered:

Marrakesh Voyage can assist with every element of production. We can:
•    Hire crew with the producer and director.
•    Hire production runners and production assistants.
•    Manage the budget for the film with the producer.
•    Negotiate the best deals possible on all orders.
•    Scouting and managing locations, filming permits.
•    Liaison to Film Commissions and Government.
•    Solve any production problems.
•    Negotiate local actor’s pay and there contracts.
•    Organize transportation, accommodation and catering.
•    Equipment: lighting, grips, dollies, cranes, generators, etc
•    Art dep. Set dressing, props, Set construction.

All cost are subject to change at any time!!!!!!!!!!!

 The national airline Royal Air Maroc offers  flights  directly from New York, Montreal and daily flights from and to the most important European capitals. As well as  connections with South America and Asia.

Morocco has a wide range of climate; similar to  California and Southern Europe, it varies considerably according to different regions. July and August are the hottest months of the year. December and February, are the coldest. 

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Marrakesh Voyage & Magic Picture can make your Moroccan film shoot a pleasure. Please email us or call 1-888-990-2999 (212-925-6151) for more information.
Akim Elanbassi
, USA Representative