Extraordinary Holidays in Morocco

    Morocco is a country of remarkable contrasts.

    In Morocco, the ancient world coexists side by side with the modern world. You’ll see Berbers, whose culture is 10,000 years old, trawling in their horse carts of vegetables in the cities along side cars, trucks and motorcycles.

    Marrakech-Koutoubia_1919In Morocco, you can experience the thousands of miles of ocean coast along the Atlantic and Mediterranean, some of the highest mountains in all of Africa, and the scorching dunes of the Sahara Desert.

    In Morocco, you can delight in a simple Berber tagine for lunch, and enjoy some of the most extraordinary 5 star fusion cuisine you’ll ever taste for dinner.

    In Morocco, you can play golf on some of the most incredible courses in the world, take cooking classes, learn how to windsurf, shop to your hearts content, and relax in the most sumptuous splendor.

    The wine and food are extraordinary, the sights and sounds are remarkable, and the contrasts inherent in the people and the land are a vital part of every fabulous journey in Morocco.

    Whatever your travel desires, Marrakesh Voyage can work with you to design and experience the most extraordinary holiday in Morocco. We specialize in private, chauffeured tours in the ancient Kingdom of Morocco according to your travel dates, budget, and desires.

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