Morocco to Adopt English as Second Language

    Morocco has made many attempts to elevate itself from the Third World into the First World, but perhaps the strongest action yet is to set a goal of English-only university courses for the future.

    The goal is for all university courses to be taught in English, but as of yet, the only major step that the government has taken in this direction is to open English-only private schools in the major cities.

    There is talk of beginning English studies in the 4th grade of all public schools, but so far it hasn’t been implemented.

    Moroccan KidsFortunately, the youth of Morocco are highly creative, and many who do not yet have the opportunity to learn English in school are doing whatever they can to learn the Language of the World. They study via YouTube, television, and with whatever family has emigrated to English speaking countries. They read whatever books they can get their hands on, and use the internet.

    There is an emergence of new English-based culture in the cities, in the form of music, art and poetry. Soon, there will be television shows, plays and movies as well.

    Switching to English from French is a long road, but a very necessary path to follow if Morocco has any hope of elevating its economy.

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